Practical Solutions To Child Custody And Visitation

Issues involving child custody and visitation are delicate. Emotions may run high between parents, which can make coming to an agreement challenging. In these circumstances, an experienced lawyer can help you find the solution that will be in your children's best interests.

Families throughout Montgomery County and Southwest Ohio can turn to Sebaly Shillito + Dyer for the straightforward advice and practical solutions they need. Our Dayton attorneys will take the time to fully understand your unique situation, allowing them to find a workable parenting plan to suit your family's needs.

Protecting The Best Interests Of You And Your Children

If you are unable to reach an agreement amicably, your custody arrangements will be decided in the domestic relations courts. The primary factor the judge assigned to your case will use to determine court orders is what is in the best interests of the child or children.

Whether you are a parent seeking shared parenting, sole custody or your visitation rights, our firm will be there for you at every step. Whenever possible, we will attempt to settle your custody or visitation arrangements out of court. However, if necessary, we are accomplished trial lawyers who can advocate fully for your interests in court. Additionally, we can assist with any modifications to current court orders resulting from a significant change in circumstances.

Discuss Your Case With One Of Our Experienced Attorneys

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