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Post-divorce family support in the military

Going through a divorce in the military is, in theory, just the same as going through a divorce as a nonmilitary person. However, it means in addition that there may be complications in regard to child custody when the military parent goes to serve in active duty. In addition, military services have regulations in place to make sure that all members of the military are providing adequate family support.

These regulations for family support are different depending on the particular military service. The following are some of the regulations that are in place for differing military services.

The most common divorce finance issues

Divorce is a challenge in many ways. It can be a heartbreaking experience, a stressful experience, an anger-inducing experience and also a financially straining experience. It is important that you address all of the individual issues of a divorce calmly and logically. It makes sense to also separate each issue, so that they do not get tangled up with one another.

There are many aspects to divorce finances. The first issue that you will likely come to will relate to the division of assets, but then it will also move on to the future of your income and lifestyle, as well as the financial support of your children.

Grandparents have rights too

A strong family unit is important to the growth and development of a child. When family members themselves do not get along, sometimes the court must step in to resolve family issues in the interest of the child. 

For those grandparents who desire to be in their grandchildren's lives but are having a hard time doing so, there may be possible recourse. In fact, when it comes to their biological grandchildren, grandparents can fight to exercise certain rights.

The law on money laundering

Money laundering is a common white collar crime that usually occurs within loose business structures. It is the act of transferring money that was raised through any type of criminal activity into a legitimate-seeming source. This criminal activity could be organized crime, drug transactions or white collar crime such as fraud.

Therefore, money laundering is usually very deceptive in nature, and it can be difficult to trace. However, it is treated as a very serious crime when someone has been found to be engaging in the criminal act.

Montgomery County sees drug traffickers arrested

Drug trafficking is a serious crime that comes with considerable time in prison if the person is convicted. In many cases, individuals are able to run the drugs for a while before they are caught. Two recent drug busts in Montgomery County highlight this point. These two events were announced in the same week by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

The two busts come after an investigation that spanned almost a year. The first one netted two arrests of men who are accused of transporting various types of drugs, including heroin and methamphetamine, in the Miami Valley area. The second one led to the arrest of four individuals in connection with alleged cocaine trafficking.

Police chief arrested for drunk driving after passing breath test

The police chief in Shawnee Hills, Ohio, was recently pulled over by a detective and given a breath test. His blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reportedly came back at .04. That's below the legal limit of .08, but he was arrested anyway.

The chief was spotted at Bogey Inn, a local bar, on Feb. 6. Another patron realized it was the police chief and called the dispatch center. When he left, he was then pulled over.

Can a divorce be predicted ahead of time?

Scientists have spent a lot of time looking into the factors that contribute to a divorce, primarily for the purposes of helping couples to identify their problems so that they are better equipped to work through them and continue their marriage successfully.

However, these factors may also be able to help those considering a divorce to spot the red flags in the marriage and see why undertaking a divorce might result in a positive change for them. The following are some of the most common behaviors that, if present in a marriage, make divorce much more likely.

Is insider trading legal?

Insider trading is considered a white collar crime because it is usually committed by people who have access to sensitive information. Therefore they are likely to already be employed by a corporate firm when they commit the crime.

It is an act of trading based on information that has not yet been made available to the public. If the information has already become public, then it is likely that the act itself is not illegal.

Money laundering can take several forms

There has been many references to money laundering in the news media lately. But for many, just what that entails may be confusing. This week's post will attempt to break down the offense and define what money laundering is and is not.

The term "money laundering" accurately describes what happens when profits from illegal ventures become legitimized. While, of course, there is no soap or water involved in the process, by obscuring the origins of "dirty money" from the sale of illegal drugs or weapons, it becomes "clean" and can then be recirculated through legitimate channels.

3 ways a drunk driving charge may affect your divorce

If you are getting a divorce, you already have plenty of worries on your mind. The last thing you want to deal with is something else that demands your emotions, energy and time. However, if you are facing a charge of operating a vehicle impaired, this is exactly what is going to happen. 

Dealing with drunk driving charges and a divorce proceeding at the same time presents unique challenges. Here is how an OVI arrest may affect your divorce process:

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