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Does your ex get military retirement payments?

You get divorced during your career in the military. Your ex wants to get part of your retirement benefits when that career ends. Are they entitled to it?

They may be. It can factor into the divorce settlement agreement. For instance, your spouse may use a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) to see a percentage of the compensation. If approved, whatever percentage of the monthly payment is allotted to your ex has to be paid out from the benefits you earned.

Hacking is not what you see in the movies

In the movies, hacking is exciting. It's flashy. It's innovative. Hackers are seen in different ways depending on the movie -- sympathetic or unsympathetic -- but it's almost always an exciting and exotic part of the film.

That's not what it's like in real life. Remember, hacking is just unauthorized access. It's something someone does to gain access to another person's system without permission. Logging into your own email isn't exciting. Neither is hacking into someone else's email account.

After OVI arrest, police officer says case has flaws

A police officer in Ohio was arrested on OVI charges, but his case is now being delayed, and he claims that there are some serious flaws with how the arrest took place.

It started with a hit-and-run crash at about 3:00 a.m. in West Carrollton on July 23. It happened near a bar. After the wreck, police stopped the 44-year-old man and arrested him.

Why military relationships often end

It is true that those in the military have relatively high divorce rates. It just seems hard to make a marriage last, no matter how good their intentions were at the beginning. Why is this?

While every relationship is different, you can pin down some of the main reasons, and a big one is just time spent apart. While couples in other professions usually see each other every day, many military couples spend weeks or months apart. You can actually track divorce rates based on deployments, and those who get deployed also get divorced more often.

Police stop two Amish men for drinking and driving a buggy

Two Amish men in Ohio were allegedly drinking while driving their horse-drawn buggy down the road. The police say that they spotted a 12-pack of beer in the buggy and that the men were drinking as they drove. The officers pulled the buggy over just as they would any other vehicle.

Things continued to happen rather unexpectedly as they found that the buggy was outfitted with a loudspeaker system, which the men apparently listened to while they rode. This is common in cars, but not in Amish buggies, which typically shun modern technology.

Can you get an OVI in a golf cart?

Ohio's drunk driving laws apply to many other types of vehicles than just standard cars. Recently in North Bloomfield, police chased two Amish men who drove their buggy under the influence. Even though the buggy does not have an engine, it still qualifies as a vehicle; police are still on the hunt for the men. 

A person can receive an OVI arrest in numerous types of vehicles. One such vehicle a lot of people tend to overlook is a golf cart. Golf is a popular sport around Ohio, and many golfers decide to have a few beers as they make their way around the course. Some people even use golf carts to get around their neighborhoods, and they may inadvertently drive one after drinking at home. Either way, you need to fight any OVI charges that come your way because police have made it clear that driving drunk in a golf cart is unacceptable. 

Sitting in your car while drunk could result in a criminal charge

It may be easy to get caught up in the fun of having drinks with friends and accidentally have one too many. You drove to the pub, but you know it would not be safe to drive home in your current condition.

Should you take a little nap in your car while your body metabolizes the alcohol? It depends on where in the vehicle you choose to sleep.

2 major financial issues to address during divorce

If your spouse asks for a divorce, one of the first things you need to think about is your financial position. You have a lot at stake here. Mistakes during this process could cost you tens of thousands of dollars -- or more.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you actually have access to money when you need it. For instance, it's wise to start your own checking account and your own credit card account if you currently share one with your spouse, as many married couples do. Don't run the risk of having your spouse close out accounts without telling you, making it impossible to get money quickly.

The reason marijuana crimes may get ignored

Have you heard people say that marijuana is "accidentally legal" in Ohio? That's not technically true, but recent legal changes have created a lot of confusion and may even mean that some marijuana crimes get ignored by law enforcement.

What happened was Senate Bill 57, which became law in early August. It basically says that hemp is not illegal, opening it up for farming. It just has to have 0.3% THC or less. THC is the chemical that actually creates the "high" with marijuana. If it has more than the 0.3% threshold, then it's not hemp, but marijuana, and it's illegal.

Can the court order you to sell your art collection?

You and your spouse have an art collection with a value in the millions. You love the art and collected it for its own sake, but you also know that it's a serious investment. As you move toward divorce, you will need to determine what to do with it.

The easiest way to divide physical assets is to split up assets with similar values. For example, maybe you think that the art collection is worth $10 million. You also have a family home that is worth roughly the same amount. To keep from selling the house and the collection, you could agree to take the collection and your spouse could take the home.

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