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How will an OVI conviction affect your career prospects?

Perhaps you were driving home from an evening out with friends when law enforcement stopped you on suspicion of operating a vehicle impaired.

You have never been arrested before. You are understandably nervous and concerned about an OVI conviction. What would this mean for your future and your hope for a career in medicine?

Most drunk drivers are men

Drunk driving is something that involves all drivers, of all ages and all genders. Anyone can get arrested if they get behind the wheel while under the influence.

That said, it is worth noting that most drunk drivers tend to be men. Some reports put it at four out of five or about 80%.

Female troops get divorced more often

The divorce rate for all troops is about 3.1%. However, researchers note that looking at this number alone is rather deceptive. The truth is that men and women in the armed forces face very, very different odds of divorce, to the point that most people look at them separately.

For example, one study claimed that 6.6% of female military members split up in 2016. For male soldiers, the rate was just 2.6%.

Understanding 2 types of stock assets

Fully understanding assets is, of course, a critical part of a divorce. You do not want to rely on your spouse for this information, and you do not want to overlook anything. You must know what assets your control, what you have a right to in the divorce, and what steps to take.

This is often simple for things like cash assets or a family home. You know the value of your bank account. You can bring in a home appraiser to find out what the house is worth. These are things on everyone's list during a divorce. It can get a bit harder with investments and stocks, though.

Supplying drugs puts you at risk, even if you're not selling

When people think about dealing drugs, they usually think about selling them for a profit to people they don't know. It's a financial transaction. It's illegal, but it's a way to make money.

Now, bringing their own illegal drugs to a party and sharing them with their friends, that's something completely different. They are just having a good time. It's not the same, right?

How should you approach the court on custody modification?

A promotion that comes with a sizable boost in salary is very exciting. You feel pleased that your employer recognizes your hard work, but there is just one problem: You must relocate from Dayton to Indianapolis.

A move out of state will require modification to your child custody agreement. How should you approach the court, and how will the court likely respond?

Don't take your spouse's ID during a military divorce

When you and your spouse got married, you sponsored your spouse to get them a military ID card. You had to put in the application to ask for the card, and it got approved.

Then your spouse asks for a divorce. They move out of the house. You assume that you can take that ID card back. You sponsored them, after all, so you're responsible for them getting it in the first place. You confiscate it and don't think you have done anything wrong.

Talk about college costs during divorce

As a general rule, when your child turns 18 in Ohio, neither you nor your spouse has to pay child support any longer since that child is legally an adult. This should be noted in your divorce agreement.

Now, there are some exceptions. If your child is still in high school and living at home, for instance, child support obligations can continue until graduation.

Your wealth could determine if you have an amicable divorce

Couples at all income levels can have an amicable divorce or a hotly contested divorce. Every relationship comes with its own set of key factors that determine how things play out.

That said, some reports have suggested that having more money means that the odds of an amicable divorce are higher. Specifically, those with greater odds of staying on good terms through the divorce are those who have $5 million or more.

A positive breathalyzer may not equal guilt

When an officer pulls someone over, he or she may have an ulterior motive. The police cannot pull someone over because they suspect something – they need to witness wrongdoing to do so.

There are times when officers take a minor traffic infraction as an opportunity to look for signs of driving while impaired. The results may have you out on the side of the road giving a breathalyzer sample. When the result puts you over the legal limit, you may believe that the case is over and your guilt certain. However, there are ways that a breathalyzer is wrong. Consider these possibilities when mounting a defense against OVI charges.

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