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How will a criminal defense lawyer help me in my drug case?

A criminal defense lawyer is an important asset when it comes to defending yourself against criminal charges. Although some defendants choose to represent themselves without a lawyer, they may want to consider how an experienced attorney can help them get organized, protect their civil rights and present legal arguments in a skilled and strategic fashion.

If you have a CDL, an OVI could be catastrophic

Like many Ohioans, you work hard to provide for your family. Even though it may require you to awaken before the sun rises, driving a commercial vehicle is honest work. After long days on the road, you may feel that you deserve a cold drink to unwind. Driving after consuming too many beers, however, could have disastrous consequences. 

What's your 'criminal defense story?'

Every criminal defendant needs to solidify the story that he or she will present regarding his or her side of the case. In fact, defendants might want to write their defense stories down to ensure that it's clear in their minds and that they don't inadvertently present an inconsistency that the prosecution could attack.

1 sign that divorce is near: Your focus is outside your marriage

When two spouses are truly in love with one another, they and their relationship become a primary focus in their lives. Of course, every healthy spouse needs to have his or her own interests for a healthy relationship, but healthy couples need to engage in couple-centric activities to keep their marital bonds thriving. When these activities begin to wane, and the spouses don't do things as a "couple" anymore, it could be a dangerous sign for the relationship.

What are the 2 most serious categories of illegal drugs?

Under the federal Controlled Substances Act, the United States federal government has organized every illegal substance into a special category. There are five categories in total, with Schedule I being the most serious and Schedule II being the second-most serious. Individuals who are convicted of possessing, selling or smuggling these drugs could face serious criminal punishments; therefore, it's worthwhile for everyone to understand which substances fall under these categories.

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