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If you have a CDL, an OVI could be catastrophic

Like many Ohioans, you work hard to provide for your family. Even though it may require you to awaken before the sun rises, driving a commercial vehicle is honest work. After long days on the road, you may feel that you deserve a cold drink to unwind. Driving after consuming too many beers, however, could have disastrous consequences. 

Operating a vehicle while impaired is a crime in the Buckeye State. If you have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher and climb behind the wheel of a vehicle, you may be guilty of the offense. While all motorists must be careful not to receive an OVI citation, if you have a commercial driver’s license, you must worry about significant consequences. 

The vehicle you drive does not matter 

Always driving your commercial vehicle sober is a good way to avoid legal trouble and stay on your boss’s good side. You should know, though, receiving an OVI in any vehicle could affect your CDL. That is, if officers cite you for impaired driving, the fact that you are in your personal car will likely not protect your commercial driving privileges. 

You should worry about the criminal consequences of drunk driving. You cannot, however, afford to ignore the harm a conviction could do to your CDL. As such, you may need to fight charges aggressively to keep your driving privileges intact. 

An OVI conviction may affect your CDL

Your employer hired you to drive a delivery truck. If you lose your CDL, you may quickly find yourself out of a job. Therefore, you must understand how an OVI affects your driver’s license. If your blood alcohol content is above the legal limit, authorities are likely to suspend your license for 90 days. If a judge or jury convicts you of driving while impaired, you can expect a one-year suspension of your commercial driving privileges. You could also permanently lose your authorization to drive commercial vehicles. 

You may think refusing a breath test or blood test is a good way to avoid a CDL suspension. If officers cannot prove you have had too much to drink, they should not be able to suspend your driving privileges, right? That simply is not the case, however. If you refuse the test, you could receive an immediate one-year suspension of your CDL. 

Generally, the more run-ins you have with law enforcement officials, the greater the danger is to your commercial driving privileges. Even though you usually do not drink and drive, mistakes happen. If you have received an OVI citation, you should understand your CDL may be in jeopardy.

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