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What are the 2 most serious categories of illegal drugs?

Under the federal Controlled Substances Act, the United States federal government has organized every illegal substance into a special category. There are five categories in total, with Schedule I being the most serious and Schedule II being the second-most serious. Individuals who are convicted of possessing, selling or smuggling these drugs could face serious criminal punishments; therefore, it's worthwhile for everyone to understand which substances fall under these categories.

Schedule I substances

Schedule I drugs – regardless of how most people feel about them personally – are seen by the federal government to be the most dangerous, addictive and potentially damaging to society compared to all the other drugs. The government does not believe that these drugs have any valid medical purpose. Therefore, those convicted of crimes relating to these substances face the severest punishments. These substances include marijuana, LSD, magic mushrooms, ecstasy, heroin and other psychedelic substances.

Schedule II substances

Schedule II drugs are considered to be the second-most dangerous substances that one can put in their bodies. Although they are dangerous and come with a high chance of abuse, according to the government, Schedule II drugs have a medical purpose. They include cocaine, morphine, Methadone, Ritalin, Adderall and others.

Individuals who are facing drug crimes allegations related to Schedule I or II drugs may want to carefully consider their defense options. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney can review the facts of a particular case – including the laws and potential punishments – to determine the most appropriate defense strategy to employ on behalf of his or her client.

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