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Can the court order you to sell your art collection?

You and your spouse have an art collection with a value in the millions. You love the art and collected it for its own sake, but you also know that it's a serious investment. As you move toward divorce, you will need to determine what to do with it.

Your social media posts are fair game in court

If you find yourself accused of a crime -- embezzling money at the office, running an illegal mortgage scheme or defrauding investors, for instance -- remember that what you post online may come back in court. Your social media posts can absolutely be used as evidence, and courts are seeing this more and more often as apps and websites see high traffic numbers.

Understanding benefits eligibility after a military divorce

Being married to a member of the U.S. Armed Forces has certain benefits. If your spouse is in the military, you may utilize Tricare for health benefits and the commissary for grocery shopping and related expenses. If, however, you are in the midst of a split from your military member, you may wonder whether you will still be able to take advantage of these money-saving options.

OVI checkpoint leads to multiple arrests

Even though they are legal, OVI checkpoints are always going to be somewhat controversial. At a checkpoint, the police may stop every single driver to see if they're intoxicated before allowing them to continue. This is far different than normal traffic stops, which require the police to have a reason to pull the car over. Many drivers think it is unfair that the police can pull everyone over, even without cause, at a checkpoint.

Considering potential relocations and child custody

Typically, child custody agreements will include the stipulation that a parent cannot move with the children without first getting the court's permission. Doing so could violate the other parent's rights by making it impossible for them to enjoy visitation or have the child live with them when they have custody.

Tips for selling an overseas property

When you and your spouse decided to buy a vacation home, you did not just want a property up in Michigan or out on the East Coast. You went all out and paid well over $1 million for a property in Europe. You bought a beautiful historic home on the water. It had a lot of charm and really gave you the relaxing escape you were looking for.

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