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Most drunk drivers are men

Drunk driving is something that involves all drivers, of all ages and all genders. Anyone can get arrested if they get behind the wheel while under the influence.

Police in Ohio run 3 different OVI checkpoints

The police in Ohio remain committed to the idea that OVI checkpoints, as controversial as they sometimes are, continue to be one of the best ways to stop drunk driving. They recently ran three different checkpoints on the same night: Friday, Oct. 18. After the fact, they released the statistics and results from those checkpoints.

Police stop two Amish men for drinking and driving a buggy

Two Amish men in Ohio were allegedly drinking while driving their horse-drawn buggy down the road. The police say that they spotted a 12-pack of beer in the buggy and that the men were drinking as they drove. The officers pulled the buggy over just as they would any other vehicle.

OVI checkpoint leads to multiple arrests

Even though they are legal, OVI checkpoints are always going to be somewhat controversial. At a checkpoint, the police may stop every single driver to see if they're intoxicated before allowing them to continue. This is far different than normal traffic stops, which require the police to have a reason to pull the car over. Many drivers think it is unfair that the police can pull everyone over, even without cause, at a checkpoint.

Driver arrested at drunk driving checkpoint

Drunk driving checkpoints can be a bit controversial. While the police maintain that they're simply trying to keep people safe, the issue is that most OVI stops have to start with reasonable suspicion that the driver may be intoxicated. Police must have a reason to stop the car. Even if they don't think the driver is drunk right away, they need another reason, such as speeding, a seat belt infraction or a broken headlight.

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