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Your social media posts are fair game in court

If you find yourself accused of a crime -- embezzling money at the office, running an illegal mortgage scheme or defrauding investors, for instance -- remember that what you post online may come back in court. Your social media posts can absolutely be used as evidence, and courts are seeing this more and more often as apps and websites see high traffic numbers.

What are the potential penalties for insider trading?

People sometimes do not take insider trading all that seriously, either thinking that they're not going to get caught or assuming that they're just "bending the rules" a little bit and not actually breaking the law. They think of it the same way they think about going 10 miles per hour over the speed limit on the interstate.

Higher education and examples of fraud

It has become clear in recent weeks that higher education is not immune to fraud. If you have been following the news about recent admissions scandals, you may find yourself wondering what other types of fraud impact institutions of higher learning. You are right that it's not all about admissions, and there are some other serious types of fraud that take place.

Were you accused of securities fraud?

Securities fraud is one of the many criminal actions referred to as "white collar crime." That's because the crime doesn't involve violence, it's financial in nature and it's usually carried out by professionals who wear a white collar to the office. Since being convicted of securities fraud could land you in jail -- for years in some cases -- you might want to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of this offense.

We will defend you against your embezzlement charges

Embezzlement is one of the most common criminal allegations initiated against white collar workers who are in charge of managing large sums of money. At its core, an embezzlement charge accuses the suspect of stealing money from a company or client's account.

Being accused of a crime in your office job

Most people consider working in an office as one of the least risky environments. Usually, job security is high and the line of work is honest. However, it is still possible to be accused of a crime that is related to the way that you perform your office job.

Being accused of a crime as a corporate worker

Often crimes are associated with a certain stereotypes, but in reality, any person in any walk of life can be accused of committing a crime. In fact, people in very successful positions quite often are accused of committing crimes such as fraud or embezzlement, because they regularly have a high level of responsibility or power to exploit.

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