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Understanding financial affidavits in a divorce

One of the most stressful and overwhelming parts of going through a divorce is the process of dividing assets, especially if you are a high asset household. Part of what is overwhelming is the learning of new terminology and getting organized in regard to what you own.

How to be lucrative with assets before a divorce

Many people in the United States who are contemplating divorce fail to adequately prepare financially. This is especially true in situations when highly valued assets are held within the marriage. The more assets that a couple have between them, the more there is to lose.

How does a divorce effect children?

We often feel a sense of guilt in regard to our children when we decide to file for a divorce. Perhaps it is because a picture perfect childhood was imagined for them or perhaps it is because the parent in question is taking a stand for their own happiness and making that a priority for once.

Valuation dates and high-asset divorces

When going through a divorce, one of the most stressful aspects can often be going through the process of dividing assets, especially when there are a lot of high-value assets to divide, such as multiple homes and cars. Over the years, married couples tend to become financially intertwined, and when children are involved, one parent might earn a significant portion of the household income while the other assumes child care-related duties. This can mean that dividing assets fairly can prove to be challenging.

How to sell the family home during a divorce

Deciding that it's time to end your marriage is never an easy decision, even when the two of you have had problems for years. It's an admission that the marriage did not work and you might feel like you failed. The discussion can become even more difficult when you decide to sell the family home in Dayton, Ohio.

Stay calm if your spouse lies in court

Hearing your spouse lie in court, during a divorce case, can really make you angry. However, it is critically important that you stay calm and maintain a professional attitude during the case. Rather than reacting emotionally, look for ways to prove that your spouse is lying. Use your energy in a positive way to make sure justice is served.

Dividing marital assets in Ohio

When going through a divorce, one of the most important things you will have to process is the division of assets. It can be a complex procedure, and if it is not handled ahead of time and with a great deal of care, it can lead to vicious arguments or expensive lawsuits. Therefore, if you are considering divorce or starting to look into how divorce works, understanding the division of assets is one of the best places to start.

The most common divorce finance issues

Divorce is a challenge in many ways. It can be a heartbreaking experience, a stressful experience, an anger-inducing experience and also a financially straining experience. It is important that you address all of the individual issues of a divorce calmly and logically. It makes sense to also separate each issue, so that they do not get tangled up with one another.

Can a divorce be predicted ahead of time?

Scientists have spent a lot of time looking into the factors that contribute to a divorce, primarily for the purposes of helping couples to identify their problems so that they are better equipped to work through them and continue their marriage successfully.

How does divorce law work in Ohio?

Every state differs quite significantly when it comes to divorce law, the process involved and the division of assets. In Ohio, it is demanded that the person filing for a divorce in the state must have been registered as living in the state for at least six months. It might also be a possibility that there will be a 90-day conciliation period that is ordered by the courts.

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